With just 100 days to go until Norway starts its digital switchover, Digital Radio Norway has presented a report to Culture Committee Chairman Svein Harberg detailing progress so far and the challenges that remain. Adoption has been impressive, with 7 out of 10 Norwegian households owning at least one digital radio and 2.1 million Norwegians listening each week to stations that would not exist without the move to digital. 60% of people say that will only upgrade their car to digital radio once the switchover starts, with just 30% of people already converted to DAB in the car. This is a similar response to the switchover for digital television, but means that there is still work to do, particularly for cars requiring aftermarket products. NRK now has DAB coverage of 99.7% across the country, with multiple tests confirming the coverage maps available on http://radio.no/ Despite this, a large number of questions from the public have concerned DAB reception in areas where coverage is listed as good. As a result, Digital Radio Norway and its partners will be working on providing more information to consumers on how best to use digital radio and the differences with older FM models. For example, helping to install in-car antennas correctly and the need to re-tune receivers when they move to a different region. Overall the report shows that the majority of listeners are ‘prepared’ for the upcoming switchover, though there is still work to do in helping people get the most out of their new receivers. Prepared in collaboration between Digitalradio Norway, Lasse Gimnes and Bjarne Hareide, the report is available to download here. WorldDAB will be posting regular updates in the build-up to Norway’s digital switchover, with more information available on the Norway country page. Last month we published an interview with Jørn Jensen, Chief Advisor to the Director of Distribution at NRK Norway which you can read here.