DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting and is part of the future of radio broadcasting.

It's interference free and features a wide and varied choice of stations broadcasting nationally.

If you live in a poor signal area where the FM signal is barely audible, then DAB may offer you better reception.

DAB is the technology which broadcasts audio and data services that can be received in the Maltese Islands. With the right kind of tuner, you can receive a choice of stations without hiss or fade unlike conventional FM and AM receivers.

DAB offers listeners more choice of programmes from rock, pop, classical and easy listening, to spoken word, news and more. So whatever your mood, there is always something on DAB for you - subject to availability.

DAB is the new, involving way for listeners to tune into their favourite radio stations. Offering an exceptionally high sound quality, digital radio offers a host of exciting features to enhance the listening experience. These include:

  • Access to scrolling text information, giving program information, track listings, news headlines and weather reports
  • A wider choice of shows and program highlights
  • Radios that tune by station name, not frequency, making it easy to find favourite stations

In Malta DAB+ was launched in October 2008. DAB+ is the latest addition to the family of DAB standards. It allows more services to be broadcast at higher audio quality.

Receivers are currently available in the United Kingdom for Stg30 and less, however these receivers are not applicable to transmission in Malta and will need to be modified by manufacturers prior to release for the local market.